Common Questions

Please contact us at (505) 792-1110 ext 1 or toll free in the US and Canada (855) 898-6824, or email us at . Our multitouch tables are sold domestically and internationally.

Ideum designs custom multitouch tables for meeting rooms, conference rooms, media labs, maker spaces, and other collaborative environments. The purpose of this page to answer some of the common questions we receive.

Q: What sizes are available for the touch conference room/meeting room table?
Our conference room tables are all custom built. Ideum can create custom conference room tables in just about any size.
Q: What is the design process like?
Ideum works collaboratively with our clients to understand the needs of our clients and the functions of the meeting room and the conference table. We work to design systems that meet our client’s goals for collaborative environments, sales processes, “war room” or “command center” functions. Often we design 3D renderings and walkthroughs of the meeting room space.

First view. Second view. Third view.

3D rendering of a conference room table developed for a client.
Q: What size screens are available?
Any of our Inline Displays can be integrated into a custom meeting room table. Our standard Inline sizes are 43” 49” 55” and 65”. We can also integrate the 86” display from our Colossus touch table.
Q: What type of screens are used?
We use our Inline Displays which have 3M touch technology (up to 80 simultaneous touch points) and LG commercial 4K UHD screens rated 24/7. These unique touch displays are designed to fit flush and seamlessly into tables, cabinetry, and even walls. You can download the Inline Specifications PDF document.
Q: What operating systems are supported?
The latest version of Windows 10 Pro is commonly used. However, we can use older versions of Windows if requested (as long as these versions are compatible with the touch and connectivity hardware).
Q: Besides touch screens what other technology is embedded in these interactive meeting room tables?
Commonly these custom conference room tables have data ports, power, and other connectivity options for laptops, phones, and other devices. We have used Crestron controls which can be used to switch sources (for video walls, projectors, microtile walls, etc.) and to control lighting, shades, and other technology commonly found in collaborative meeting spaces.
Q: Can Ideum provide additional media services such as touch wall displays, video walls, projectors, and other AV equipment?
Ideum is an AV partner with Barco, BrightSign, Crestron, Christie, LG, and others. We can install and support projectors, microtiles, video walls, sound systems, along with lighting and shade controls. You can see our AV exhibits page for more information. We can also work with existing AV equipment or a client’s preferred AV partner.
Q: Can Ideum develop custom software for these types of installations?
Yes. Ideum has a dedicated team of producers, designers, and software engineers. Our Creative Services group has worked with Fortune 500 companies and top Museums developing exhibits, desktop software, and utilities.
Q: What is the installation process like?
The same people who develop and build our custom conference room tables direct and are involved in the installation process. We work with our clients to coordinate every aspect of the installation process to limit any downtime and to ensure a smooth and rapid installation process.
Q: Does Ideum use subcontractors?
Generally no. Ideum designs and builds the conference room tables in its’ fabrication facility. We also design and build our own displays. We are partners with the top AV firms in the world and we have a talented Creative Services team that develops custom software. Occasionally, we may hire some extra installation help from a local AV firm to help our team with large installations.
Q: Does Ideum offer other types of touch tables and multitouch displays?
Yes. Ideum has a range of touch tables and multitouch displays. These products use the same industry-leading 3M and LG components and they generally have 1 to 3 week lead time. Ideum also sells its touch displays with motorized stands.
Q: What type of support and warranty is provided for these touch conference room tables?
Ideum has a dedicated support line and ticketing system. The same people who build our custom tables provide support. Ideum provides a three-year warranty for its touch tables. This covers all parts and labor, please see our full warranty for details.
Q: How do I purchase a custom touch conference room table and/or AV installation?
You can reach out to Sales group through our contact form or call us at (505) 792-1110 ext. 1. You can call us toll-free in the US and Canada (855) 898-6824.